Every business needs a backbone.

Your backbone is your strength and courage. 

Join David Boyar for a weekly podcast about business owners who have one.


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David Boyar

Yes, David Boyar is one of the youngest FCAs, who has a passion for business. He is an accountant, a business banker and a businessman, and a #1 rated iTunes presenter.

Having commenced his career in accounting he decided to try his hand as a business banker, only to discover he could add more strategic value directly to his clients’ businesses by being a “CFO for hire”.

David started his own business as a Virtual CFO in 2014 working with high growth clients and realised something the successful owners, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs had in common, they had backbone.

David is a leader in the accounting and business communities, co-hosting iTunes top #1 business podcast, From the Trenches, a he is a TEDx speaker and the face of Chartered Accountants innovation program, Catalyst.

He provides financial mentoring to start ups and growth focused businesses. David works remotely. The technology he has incorporated into his business has made this achievable.


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At Sequel CFO, we are a business owner’s right hand person, providing fact based and timely financial information to drive strategic decision making in your business.